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How can i get the first order?

I opened a new account in Fiverr. Please provide me some tips, then will help me get first order. Maybe I could build my career in fiverr for your advice.pray for me, thanks for your time.


To improve your Gigs Make a nice portfolio for your products and annex it to your description section. Every day you can send10 buyer requests from your FIVERR account. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook | Twitter etc. You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. Be patient and Try heart and soul. Remember, Social media makes a lot of contribution in this case.

Good Luck @hasnatz


Thanks, @mamun793 for your good advice.


It’s my pleasure. @hasnatz :star_struck:

work on your gigs specially on title of gig and tags…daily check you gig statics if your gig imp and views falling down change some keywords in title as well as tags…

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You can read this: 💡 Guide: Get your First Order

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try buyer request, i created my gig about 25 days ago, i got the three order through buyer request.
wish you luck. and i am new too

Edit – Some suggestion – I am new too but i am in the same niche, and also i grow up in Asia
Please remove this line – I don’t have much attraction for money because your satisfaction is my first priority – You are here for money like every body else.
in my view you loose buyer trust when you start to through away lines like these which have no bases in reality,

and re write this portion

I know the way whatever you need to make your website unique and professional looks. This supported by over 4 years of solid experience in this field. I Will Convert Your PSD to Responsive Html5 , Using Bootstrap . keep the 4 years of solid experience in there, but re write rest of the portion.