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How can I get the Password reset LINK sent to NEW email address

- Hello. I need the password reset link sent to my NEW email address.

1- My OLD email address is deactivated (company out of business).

2- I want to KEEP my account/profile

3- I do NOT remember the password (it was saved in my browser) -which was recently/accidentally reset.

Question: How can I have the RESET password link set to my NEW email address ?? Thank you.

Only Customer Support can help you with that. You’ll have to submit a ticket to them:

As catwriter said, contact Support, but I doubt this is possible. If you could claim to have forgotten a password and changed emails, anyone could get a password changed on any account. I think Support will tell you that you are out of luck unless you get access to the email address or remember the password. If I’m wrong, I’d be curious to know what they do say to you.


I actually had something like this happen to me before with another site, itunes. I hadn’t used it in a long time and the old email I used with that site was gone as that was part of my old internet service provider.

I called itunes and explained it to them and they asked me my security questions which I answered correctly. Hoping you get this sorted out!

Thank you. I’ll try Customer Support.