How can i get Top Rated Seller badge?


Hello Every one, I am level 2 seller and Curious about top rated seller. Please share some tips to achieve top rated seller badge in profile.


TRS is not automated as Level 1 and Level 2. Fiverr staff select these sellers for this badge.
I think number of sales within minimum time and low cancellation rate can be a possible point.


you have to :

  1. Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  2. Exceptional customer care
  3. Have a low cancellation rate
  4. Community leadership
  5. Volume of sales



Don’t think gig’s rating has anything to do with it. And all gigs have a different rating too. I’ve seen many top rated sellers with 90% > total rating and mediocre gig ratings.


Here- (:yum:)


Yes, I want to get this badge in Profile


Here, now go make sales!


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I like this. :grin:


I having the same question before I get my badge.

as @zakazis said all the 5 points PLUS
Editorial team notice your gig, love it.

All I can said 40% by luck.

so Good Luck.


You just have a one gig and making good sell too.
Its Awesome.


All that is known for certain is here: There have been posts on the Fiverr blog about this, so you might search the blog for more.