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How can I get work from

can anybody help me getting work from


I’m afraid nobody can help you.

I know this is not going to sound good, but judging from your post
you left above and another post I saw the other day, I’m afraid
it might not be a good idea for you to offer writing gigs, at least not in
English. Maybr putting the focus on Begalli is better??

The number one rule ( at least this is what I believe in) is
to be good and skilled at what you are offering.


I can agree with that but,

Not a fact samiahassan912 honey, I believe you just need to be dedicated, keep honing your skills. Market your gigs. Here’s my help just search what you want help with specifically :kissing_heart:

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I hope you will get order soon.

Yes bro musfakur that’s help.