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How can i gigs marketing?

how can i gigs marketing ?


You’re a social media expert. Promote your gigs like you’d promote whatever your customers want you to promote.


you can promote your gigs via social sharing

Use Social Media and making Social Audience and Share your Gig. When Find you gig Targeted Traffic then Automatic ordered your gig.

but Following Fiverr Terms and Create Unique Content your GIG Description, Research your Niches Keyword input your gig. Upload your Featured image Clean and Clearly Focus your Service.

Enjoy every time… happy Fiverr Freelancing.


Dear badalshil!
you share your gig in social sides and fiver tips always best you search here. many more members share this information on Fiverr Fourm you
always be happy


Specially twitter and linkedin is best place to gigs marketing.

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I would recommend choosing a social media platform based on your target. Some platforms works really well for so.Like Facebook,Instagram would do better for young people