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How can i got buyer request

Welcome!! I’m Victoria! I am a professional online Worker.Am an expert in Email Marketing, Mailchimp camping, Data Entry, Rewriting text.I work with absolute integrity and take my buyers as number one, I don’t promise only but I put the action in all my project. Feel free to hire me for your project.

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Dude give authentic info on your profile. Put up your picture instead of some random person from google images. Tell about yourself in the description. Make a brand out of yourself. Get your English clear.

I mean if you’re not doing these things, how are you going to get orders? Victoria J Walton in Bangladesh, It’s hard to imagine. Now just think if you display yourself like this, it’ll be tough to get trust from people to give you work.

Hope it helped.


What do you mean? You know what i’m a Christian so you tell me why am i not victoria

You requested for help on how to get buyers request. One of the solution is to use your own pictures on your gigs as earlier suggested, and not to other way round

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