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How can I handle my job without concerning my client given an order


I am Web developer and designer. I have done lots of work. But one of my client gave me an order without concerning me. At that time I had to work another job so fail to do my client order. In that case how can I handle this situation? As my gig down for cancellation of my job. How can I get resolve this issue.


In the future, you can set up longer delivery times, or limit the amount of orders in your queue.


Next time as like as this situation, You can extend your delivery time which is enough for you. And you can extend it by discussing with your client.


But from what he said, it seems they were not communicating during the duration of the order and I find it surprising that the buyer didn’t reach out.


A lot of buyers don’t communicate before or after placing an order outside of the order requirements. Sometimes they give you enough information, while others read more like cryptic poetry.


@somaginer1996 Thank for your tips but little curious … what if I go to offline mode get rid of this situation for some days(I don’t know actually if I will be able to communicate my running client or not).


You can request for exatand time, it’s will take 48 hours, if he/she don’t accept it will be automatically accepted.
In this way you’ll got extra time even if buyer not online.


If they’ve already ordered, you can’t get rid of the situation. If not, sure, taking some days off is a viable option, although ultimately you kind of have to get used to having more than one order in queue at once. I generally stagger them with longer delivery times and place a limit on the amount of orders I can have in queue.


Thz for ur valuable comments.


Thz I will apply in next job


Thz I will apply next if I face this type of situation.


Today one buyer sent an order without any knock for only 5 dollar. but i said to my client to increase ur price .but he denied then i agree to do this job for 5 dollar, but my client did not agree, buyer wanted to cancel the order. what can i do? in this situation. buyer wanted to cancel at my end. is it viable to do this???