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How can I have a first order

I am a newbie, How can I have a first order. Please, Thanks


Hi @khieungoan,

Welcome to Fiverr forum. I hope this post will help you to get your first order :cherry_blossom: 💡 Guide: Get your First Order


He @khieungoan,

First of all, you need to rank your gigs. Then you will give your first order. For the GIG rank, follow the steps below:

Here are the 7 points you can Rank your Gigs on First Page

  1. SEO
  • #1 must get rank
  • Use the correct keywords
  • Fiverr has a search engine you have to understand
  • Use every variation of keywords in your gigs
  1. Make the first Sale First
  • Offers needs to be eye-catching
  • Use buyer request
  • Deliver gigs order on time
  • Communicate, Communicate and Communicate with your buyer
  1. Promote Your Gigs
  • Use Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Forum like Reddit etc
  • Blog
  1. Be available 24/4
  • The Fiverr algorithm likes it when you stay online
  • Stay Logged in
  • People like urgency
  • Fiverr allows people to search for online
  1. Loyal Customers
  • Be Friendly
  • Act Professional
  • Give good service
  1. Good Conversion Rate
  • Complete as many orders as you can quickly as possible
  • Don’t turn down orders
  • Don’t cancel any orders
  • You will get ranked quick for completing your gigs
  • May get featured in Featured Gigs
  1. Promotion to Higher Level
  • Try to get to Level 2 fast you will get on first page
  • 90% Response Rate
  • 90% Order Completion Rate
  • 90% On-time delivery
  • 4.8 Rating

Please comment if I leave any important topic.

Mazedul Mazed


Thanks so much. Have a nice day ^^

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No. You do NOT need to be online 24/7 in order to get sales. This is one of the worst tips new sellers keep telling each other. Please stop advising people to do this.

No, there is no evidence that the search algorithm has anything to do with being online. There is a filter for online sellers, but it does not guarantee more sales.

Doing something quickly does not mean you’re doing it better. New sellers seem to think that speed is important, so they offer to do lots of work as quickly as possible. Yes, many buyers have a deadline, but having been a buyer myself, I would rather hire someone who takes the time to do a great job, than a newbie who rushes through a job because another inexperienced newbie (like you, who just joined Fiverr this month and has no seller experience) told them to.

Good heavens, no! Why are you advising other people to rush through their work? This is terrible advice. Sellers should take the time necessary to do a good job.

There are no guarantees that sellers will have any “rank”, or be listed anywhere in the Fiverr search results. And it certainly won’t happen quickly.

No… no, and no. Getting promoted to a Level 2 seller does NOT guarantee that you will be listed on the first page of search results. The search results are based on gig performance, not how fast you get promoted to Level 2.

You just joined Fiverr sometime within the past two weeks. I don’t think you should be giving anyone advice. You are not an experienced seller, you clearly don’t know enough about how Fiverr works, and contrary to whatever some “guru” may have told you, offering advice here on the forum – some terrible advice in this case – does NOT help you “rank” better in the search results.


Thank you for your valuable tips.