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How can I improve gig impressions


I need advise how can I improve my gig impressions here is my gig


to increase impressions
Promote your gig in social media networks


No, no, NOI

Please, please stop sharing this false advice. Yes, sellers should marketing and promote their gigs, but no… in no way, does promoting their gigs on social media have anything to do with Impressions. STOP sharing this “advice”. It’s false, false, false.

Impressions are an on-site statistic only. Impressions are registered only when someone searches a keyword on Fiverr, and a gig shows up in the Fiverr search results. Impressions are also registered when a gig shows up on category page.

Impressions have absolutely nothing to do with off-site traffic. Nothing whatsoever.

Please stop posting false advice.


I moved your post to ”Improve My Gigs” which is where it should be.

  1. Stay online as you can
  2. Use social media at the right place
  3. Improve your gig