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How can i improve my account and get order?

How can I get order as new seller ? What can i do now ? Anyone tell me or suggest me please .

Use a profile image that’s actually you, or an image you designed.

Copying some poor stranger’s image and changing the colour of the polo shirt doesn’t make for a good impression with buyers… :wink:

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Thanks …Any one can be new tips

Share your gig with social media and add to a beautiful profile profile and always stay active in fiber.

Thank you k_tamim borther. Can you give me some kind of sharing site name?

Google search the best social media

you mean google plus?

not google plus, just google

Any one can be different idea …

Why do you keep asking for different ideas when people have already given you advice?

If you don’t even have the initiative to do a google search, maybe freelancing isn’t for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry somaginer1996 . Actually I am finding many idea