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How can I improve my art gigs?

Hi! I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and have a couple of gigs open. I haven’t had any orders yet, and I’d like to improve my gigs! Any suggestions? Thank you!


Must use your own created image for gig, follow seo on this image, write a good description, stay on fiverr more time and send buyer request daily. Hope you will be success soon!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi could you give me a link to you gigs

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Thank you for the advice!

give own created image must and if you can make a video then its also give you best result. Watch other seller gig, its help you to make you own gig. Just watch not copy other. All the best. :smiley:

Hi Ariaziee, your gigs are nice and well made.
For your animation gig, add a video to it as a buyer would want to see a video of a animation you made :DDD

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Thanks!! I’ll go do that ^^

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Hello, you can check out competing gig titles and see if there’s something you should include in yours. Don’t copy everything though. Also, make sure your images are appealing to the eyes and are in high quality.
Hope it works