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How can i improve my basic skills?

Hi all.
I am new to Fiverr. Plzz gives me your valuable comment How can I improve my skills?


Stop spamming in threads with stupid 0815 answers!

Nobody will ordering from you if you are more active here.


I want to know. I am a newbie in fiver. I have experience in data mining but It’s 3 months over but didn’t get any project in fiver.


My dear friend, I am not spamming here. I am new. I need help. please do not say like this if you can help then tell. otherwise thanks.

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You know what? I am not your friend!

You are spamming!



You got 32min read-time. Maybe start really “reading” in the forum? Thought about that? Learn something and don´t ask other people to do your work.
Damn you are lazy.

I don´t ask other people to do my work. I do not interesting to talk with you, okay!
You are spamming with me and also don’t annoy me.
So plz don’t reply to my post.

I can reply on whatever post i want.



P.s.: I would recommend you to work on your english.

P.p.s: I would remove the Fiverr Badges on your Gig Fotos. Just saying. Good luck :wink: