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How can I improve my Delivery time and Order completion

My name is dilipyadav148, I have completed many orders but my Delivery time and order completion rate is about 87-88%.
Please suggest me how can I improve my both issues.
When I can deliver order when a buyer made order?

My Gigs are:-

Thanks in advance.

First, are you realistic on your ability to deliver orders in the time you list? Being as upfront and honest in your gigs is essential to keeping stats at 100%. Better to be cautious than too aggressive as being to aggressive does not leave you any wiggle room.

Also, prioritize your orders. Sounds simple and easy, but it takes time to come up with a method that works for you.

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for sure what a seller must do is to set a delivery time that is longer than what the seller really needs in order to deliver. This way you will always deliver earlier than the buyer expects and you will be both happy.

Be carefull if you offer 24hours deliveries. You need to be online most of the day in order to start working on them asap. If this is not possible, then better do not offer 24hours delivery.

I hope that helps

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Thank you so much sir

Thanks for your suggestion. I will use your idea.