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How can i improve my English skill

i wanna know about improving my English skill, how can i improve my English conversation accurately. there is any way to improve it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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I am not well in English. But i follow some tips. Like you can be member where people talk in English. You can find lot’s of Facebook group also forums and community. I will suggest you to read their post understand in your language then try to reply in English. You can’t be expert in English in one day. But if you try it you will be expert one day. Try to conversation in English. It also help you to improve your English skill.

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Languages are like sword, the more you use it, sharper it becomes!
English is no different. Use it more often with the people you interact.


Watching movies is very efficient. Read articles, news, magazine as much as you can. Remember English is just a language for communication. So don’t panic.

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Also be sure to let people know you’re open to corrections. That way you can see more easily where you might be making mistakes.

For example:


Always capitalize ‘I’ when referring to yourself. Questions should end in ‘?’ question marks.
I know English is the hardest language to learn, so thank you for being willing to improve!


Having a native speaker pen-pal would help a lot. Also the app Duolingo is amazing (and free). I’ve been using it to learn Welsh :blush:


I know the easiest way to improve any language. It’s really simple and it’s being used over the centuries:


Do English classes. Only someone with better knowledge than you can teach you properly.


You can learn from google and YouTube “English Sentence Structure”.

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  1. Start reading books based on your interest (Books teach a person a lot of things and it helps you to build vocabulary).
  2. Watch English content with subtitles after few days try to watch without subtitles.
  3. Listen to Podcasts.
  4. Try to speak english when you are alone in front of a mirror or record yourself on camera.
  5. Talk to native english speakers.

Hi @elias_dawa,

Many, many times, @ahmwritingco has recommended Raymond Murphy’s “English Grammar in Use”. You can find it in Open Library, as well as “Essential grammar in use” from the same author.


Thanks All for helping me

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You’re most welcome, Elias.

I recommend surrounding yourself with the language. Listen to English music, watch some English TV shows or movies, or read some cool articles in English. Make it fun for yourself and it will come to you more easily :slight_smile:


Read a lot. From blogs, newspapers to stories, just keep on reading. Getting few friends who are English speakers will also help you practice.

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