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How can I improve my Gig and get orders?

Hi Seniors !
I am new seller on fiverr. Wanna know that how is my Gig and how can I improve it to get orders…
just help me out

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Your gig indicates you’re an individual, and your profile states a team. Which is it?

You will create gig SEO friendly and select low competition keyword for gig.

Gig shows the service not the team… so I thought i should be talk like individual in my gig

That’s not a bad thought, but it makes it look inconsistent, and thus unprofessional.

have patience…try to active online and fiverr forum as much as possible time,make eye catching thumbnail for your gig, send buyer request regularly and share your gig on social media sites properly.

Saw you made a new thread. It’s better to update in a thread you already have, so that people will know what advice you’ve already been given.

I see that you updated the gig description, but you missed updating the package descriptions.