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How can I improve my gig description?

Hi this is lotus3000. I want to know how I can improve my gig description that can attractive for others.


look likes your description is good. Nothing need to change.

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but I cannot understand how can catch buyer from Fiver.

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I think your gig description is good. Send buyer request daily.Active on fiverr. You will get order one day.

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Its all ok…Be activated and sent buyer request.

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I would eliminate “unlimited revisions.”

I see Red Flags all over your Gig description.

You offer FAST WORK for just $5 and UNLIMITED REVISIONS but in your Gig photo you note TOP QUALITY WORK.

Sorry, but if I were looking for a typist I would want someone who is confident enough in their job to offer maybe no more than ONE Revision. Also, FAST WORK at $5 sounds like a cheap rush job to me.


You asked.

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Thanks for your opinion. I don’t understand how to post in line with my work. So I want advice from everyone that will help me correct my mistakes.