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How can I Improve my Gig? I can't get Click on my Gig

I am new in this Marketplace. I have completed submitting 7 gigs. The impression number is increasing every day. But, I can’t get any click in my Gig. How can I get more click in my gig?


Try to get your gig online and ans forum. and share you gig social media


I shared my gig in twitter. Is it enough?

everyday you will try two time share your gig in social media


I will suggest u to share your gigs. Let poeple know about ur quality.

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That’s a good idea, Thank you

You’re getting impressions but not clicks, which means your thumbnails aren’t attractive.

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Hi @aftahi_nayan ,

I had a look at your profile and gigs.
Hence, I would like to help you by sharing what I noticed and believe can help you.

  • You passed a lot of skill tests to prove yourself to potential buyers which is good. Unfortunately, I feel that some topic need a bit of work to convince potential buyers. Indeed, I can see that you scored in english 6,5/10. I am afraid it might be insufficient for some buyers. Why don’t you try again to take the test and improve your score?

  • The sentence bellow your username is “Professional Digital Marketer” which is good, but it doesn’t make you stand up from other digital marketers. After all on Fiverr, buyers expect to find only professionals, right? Why don’t you find something that does?

  • Descriptions of your gigs are fine. Why don’t you try to put your picture on your gig? It will help potential buyers to connect with a human face, and that’s important on a digital platform.

I hope it helped you.
Don’t lose hope, just continue.
As you arrived in July 2020, the beginning is difficult? It’s normal :slight_smile:
Fiverr is testing us! It needs to see if we are trustworthy.


good idea for your experienced


You can also share your gig on your Linkedin profile.

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I think putting our face on gigs’ thumbnails is a way to improve it.
What is your opinion on this?

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I have seen many gigs, their thumbnails were not attractive but they get continuous order.

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Well, I haven’t thought about it yet. However, if you make a video with your own face, I hope it will be effective.

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Thank you very much, to share your helpful opinion


Thank you for your amazing tips :slightly_smiling_face: :heart_eyes:

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Yes, there may be something like that. But that can no longer be the rule.
Again, it may be that you don’t like it, but the client likes it.


If i sepent time on fiverr forum, is it help me to increase my gig impression?

Hello, sandrineisen.

Can you help me with some important tips? I am a new freelancer at Fiverr. I have already published two gigs on Fiverr. Of these, one gig is active and the other is not gig active. My gig impressions are very low and there are no clicks. Please help me with some important tips for more impressions and more clicks.

thanks for your good suggestions.

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well said. It is very helpful for beginners .I am also New seller in fiverr. Thank you very much.

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