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How can I improve my Gig impression quickly?

I am new in Fiverr.My gig impression is bad. Please suggests me how can I improve my gig impression ,view and click.


When I first joined, I had a couple of gigs. I mainly do wordpress websites and social media stuff. My gigs were really specific–like “Setup wordpress site” and “setup professional social media” I changed it up a little bit to include a broader area of work. I now do “Fix wordpress, setup, tweak, install plugins” and also added content writing to the descriptions. Figure out ways you can broaden or generalize whatever it is you are doing to include more stuff in the description. Also, make sure you are pricing it well. Some people search by what you are charging. I also used Adobe Spark to create my gig images. It’s quick, easy and looks good.


cordial thanks for your advice and support .Thanks again .Wishing you all the best