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How can i improve my Gig impression without social sharing

This is very important for me to know how can i improve my gig impression without social sharing. i always share my gig on social area but this is not so good. so what will i do now? Thanks


Here are some important tips every seller should know [LONG]:


you can’t.

your gig impression is a result on your gig performance.

Theoretically, as better you perform, better placement you will get, and as consequence more impressions.

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when you will complete more order in your gig then automatically impression will be increase :slight_smile:

actually it’s not true @sweet2.

it’s not only completed orders, but the whole gig performance (number of positive reviews, response rate, deliver on time, less cancellations, etc,etc,etc)

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Hey @xuntes I mean something like that. But I am not whole agree with you. Can you ensure if you have reaming positive reviews, response rate, deliver on time, less cancellations then impression will be increase?? But down it?

Like I said, the impression is a consequence.

with positive reviews, response rate, deliver on time, less cancellations and etc, your placement in ranking get better, theoretically as fiverr team states:

"We use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors we take into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose certain criteria for our search engine, as this information is proprietary.

However, here are some of the things that can help you in receiving the best possible search position.

Provide high quality service
Deliver on time
Avoid unnecessary cancellations
Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
Adhere to our Terms of Service"

If you have a better placement (top of search and ranking in first page) it’s obvious your gig will be seen first than others, and as consequence you will have more impressions. It’s just logical.