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How Can I Improve My GIG IMPRESSIONS , View and Click?


Hello Dear.
I am Akash Mahmud Form Bangladesh . I am Here To Share You something About My GIG.
I Create Fiverr Rpofile More then 1 year . But i Only Completed 6 Project :joy: . Before Join Fiverr, I worked Freelancer And Upwork As Wordpress Developer . But Dont Know Some People They use Fake review For Showing their GIG on top page . Also Some freelancer Offer $10 for Build Full website :fearful: .

My Question .
1) Can I Use Fake Review For improving My GIG ? (See moderator note below)
2) Here Is My GIG Link ( my gig ) , How Can i Improve My GIG ranking ?
3) I Already used Professional Video for My gig . But No Change On gig IMPRESSIONS.

Please Expert Suggest Me What Can i Do Now ?

Moderator Note: Fake reviews are dishonest and a blatant rule violation. You will be banned if caught.


You seem to be doing well as far as i ca see. You’ve got some reviews too.

The only problem judging from your GIG is that your prices are up there. I understand that what you’re offering is quite pricey but i believe the reason most people put $5 as their lowest plan is to draw customers. the $5 plans are usually very basic things.


Hello everyone, i’m new in fiverr and tried to create my first GIG several times without success. I always get a reply that my GIG has illegal character . Please i like to know how to go about creating my GIG. I am a writer with skill in article and blog post content delivery.


Thank You Very Much :slight_smile:


I had the same problem, then I realized what it means by illegal character. it means that in your titlt you probably have some letter or character like this: / " > _ - + etc. As far as I know, you aren’t allowed to use those in your Gig title. I hope this helps!


@akash_mahmud Using fake reviews is strictly forbidden. Cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden.


@princelykafas You will need skills to read/write fluently to create and sell gigs in the writing category. Your post seems rough.

You may need to work on that or consider offering services in another field. Sorry, but better to hear it honestly than to get a real buyer and a real poor review. I wish you luck improving and finding skills that you can manage here.