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How can i improve my gig ? its down to day but why

Need Help how can i improve my Gig ? now a days my gig IMPRESSIONS is down to day but why ??

Promote your gigs on social media. Then the impressions will increase.

Please stop giving bad/false advice.

Impressions have absolutely nothing to do with promoting gigs on social media.

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When Gigs is promoted on social media
Impressions, views, clicks increase.
When the gigs are not promoted, it all goes down.
You can promote the gigs and understand the difference.
Promote the Gigs one day to get to know you better
Do not promote the next day
Then the promotion days have increased and
You can see how the days of non-promotion are down
Try this first

Please do not copy-paste things that you post in other forum topics. I can assure you that Impressions have absolutely nothing to do with social media links.

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Marketing is how to deliver your value to someone needs that value to resolve a problem. But you are sharing randomly on social media your service with people don’t need it.
There is no sense if All your stats are good but no orders.

(Please do not copy what you post in other forums) Why do you post these things in other forums? Have you seen anything like that? In what forum, then?

Marketing is how to put a value on someone to solve a problem. There is a problem.
It is generally promoted as it is indistinguishable for people who need the service and those who don’t need the service. People who need the service are expected to contact at random.
People who spend most of their time on social media are the ones who waste their time.
There are very few people who need it.
It is very difficult to reach that small group.
But promotions have to be made.
In anticipation of meeting those in need anytime.