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How can I improve my gig? (Need Suggestions)

Like the title says, I would like to get some suggestions for this gig to make it look more attractive.

I realize that many people performing this gig charge more than I do but the reason I charge low is so I can get some work. This is my first time on this platform and I’d like to make it a success. Thanks!

Link to my gig:


Hi there, your gig and profile dosent seem very attractive, your photos are small and low quality and they are not eye catching also you will need to add more photos, maybe at least 3 photo of before and after. each before and after into one page, there are alot of people out there giving the same service with same price and better rating beside that, you need to try to stand out there are many people with similar title who would come up in ranking before you.

Hey, make collage of before and after picture. make cool banner of all the retouching services that you provide. example
First gig image- banner
I will do professional Photoshop retouching
My services
1)Wedding picture retouching
2)model retouching
4)Fixing old photos(restoration)
5)Beauty retouching
and brief description of each service in description section.

second gig image
Add before after collage

Third gig image
add before after collage

and do some keyword research and set attractive keywords

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m in the process of contacting someone to create an attractive banner.

Thanks for the valuable input! I do think your ideas will help. I’ll update you soon and let you take another look to see if you think it has improved.

Personally, I’d change your picture to something more attractive - using words stating what you will do.

A ‘call to action’ such as ‘click to find out more’ would work too.