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How can i improve my gig needsuggestions


Guyz please tell me how can i improve my gig


I might be too harsh but here is my two cents:
Your description is very confusing. From reading it I’m still not sure what I will get. Your gig link says “logo in 15hrs” and your gig states 24h delivery.
You have 2 pictures on your gig one of which is a flyer. Which is also confusing. Are you offering to design a logo or a flyer?

The logos you are showcasing are really old fashioned and I’m not sure how after getting your degree in design you are not even matching fonts and images on the logo. Fonts looks really unattached from the icons on logos and kerning is not followed.

Maybe you need to choose different designs to showcase or allowed more photos of your work on your gig and fix your description to make all points clear.


Am New here It is really helpfull Thanku maria