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How can I improve my Gig(s)?

So I joined Fiverr near 2 days ago and I know it’s a bit soon to ask but is there any way (with your opinions) I can improve my Commissions and Logo design Gig?
I published the Commission gig and even shared it on my Insta and have gotten only 3 clicks on it. And I just re-published the Logo design Gig today and I’ll share it to insta later.

In your opinion(s) what can I do to make them look more appealing/clickable?

Here are the links V
Logo -

Commission -

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Broke student? Not very attractive introduction for the customers :slight_smile:
There are many things you need to improve
Start with learning the fiverr free course:

And follow the advices.

Good luck

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Well I am a broke student in High School with no degree in nothing. I only have an instagram account with my followers on there lol. I’m not going to have an interesting about page

I’d say make the images more impressive and appealing, and add length to the description

Agreed not enough information

Nobody need to know and nobody cares really. What they care abaout is what have you done so far and are you able to do the work?

I try to encourage and applaud young folk who make entrepreneurial attempts. Being young, you have a huge advantage in that, if you make mistakes, you have the time to make up for them.

First and foremost: you mention wanting to freelance to earn money for education. Now, this isn’t important to your profile, nor gigs, but as this is the forum and you can elaborate: What further education do you want to pursue? This is important, because any advice I could offer depends heavily on if art is your focus, or another path.

I’m able to do what I offer or I wouldn’t offer it. clearly

Exactly! So the question is: How do you prove this within the constraints of a gig? You only have 1200 characters to do this, so it’s important to make the most of them. This means cutting out anything that isn’t proof of what you offer or proof of your capabilities.