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How can i improve my gig.Take a look and give suggestion

Hey all i am newbie in fiverr.I want to be success in this platform.
Can anyone tell me about my gig that has any error?
If need any improvement, please suggest me?


It seems to me that your very first promise is one that you have no control over.

This reduces trust in the people you really need as customers - it may however draw in sharks looking to take advantage of your impossible promise.

Look at it this way, If I hired you to make me a Shopify for my music (I’m great trust me :smiley: ) when you failed to make me “monthly income more than your expectation” not only could I demand my money back but Fiverr may well warn you or close your Gig for undeliverable promises.

Besides if you could really do this, why would you be trying to sell this at all, let alone for $20?



First of all: there is a specific category called “improve my gig” specifically for this. So not sure why you posted it tips for sellers category

Secondly: you are promising huge bucks from a drop shipping store. And you can’t really control or really promise how much money people will make from it. And ultimately there is a question arising “if you can make huge bucks from your droppshipping store then why don’t you just build few of them for yourself and make a lot of money instead of YT building stores for other people”.

P.S it’s against TOS to promise something that you can’t deliver or offering misleading services


Did I steal your “secondly” @mariashtelle1 :flushed:



:joy: ha ha you did! You already said more or less what I was typing :see_no_evil:


Okay from your good suggestion i realize that i need to change unreal promise from my gig titles and description.

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Thanks for good suggestion

@benedictrm i am real sorry for unreal promise. I already fixed the error.Would you prefer me to increase or decrease the budget from my gig.

@benedictrm i am really sorry for unreal promise. I already fixed the error.Would you prefer me to increase or decrease the budget from my gig.

I can’t tell you what to sell your work for. only you know a) the time it takes to do a wonderful job (i.e. not just formula jamming stuff up) and b) the value to the customer.


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I think you are lucky that you can find or know about fiverr forum. There are a lots of people who don’t know about fiverr forum. So just try to improve yourself first with a lots of skill of work. That you can confidently chat with buyer
Thank you

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I am confident about myself.

Great keep it up. And try to make it more and skill in the development part of a website including customization too
Thank you

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Thank you shamim sir.Your advice is very helpful.I am still learning development part.

You could change the text in the video too since it says in the video that you’ll build a store that will make huge bucks.

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