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How can i improve my gig to be apear in first page in search?

I am new here and whenever i search architecture in searc, My Gig apears on 6th page . I am sure that no buyer will not even the 2nd page. How can i do that? how to make it to first?


shear your link all social site for improve your gig and apear in first page in search.example,facebook,linkdin,twitter


i know in all my social circle,no one is buying on fiverr

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Think outside your own social circle - who’s going to want to buy from you?

Can you create a FB fanpage which you can use to attract potential buyers to your gigs?

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i will ,If that can help me…

Well it can’t do any harm, and it’s free! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody knows Fiverr’s search algorithm. Therefore, nobody can tell you how to get to the first page.

It’s in Fiverr’s interests to promote the best Gigs, so fill in the blanks starting from there. Maybe you’ll get lucky.


thakyou for your kind responce!

To improve gig search results / rankings , use SEO title and tags. Use good key words in your gig title and tags which are searched most on fiverr. On buyers request daily send offers to buyers it will increase your gig stats.This will also help to increase your gig rankings with passage of time.

Now you have the answer. Pay for a course :smiley:

You cant rank your gig.

To get in first page your gig must be performing well (better than others) or has the luck so the algorithm randomly sort you in the first page. You can’t manipulate your ranking.

So what to do?
Start promoting your gigs to get orders and make your gig perform better than now. Sitting and waiting wont do this.

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How old is your gig? It takes time and many happy buyers to improve it’s position, as well as having the gig optimized.

Thank you for your kind response,Yes i am sending all the available requests. Hope one day i will get lots of orders :d

I will love to pay,From where can i get the coarse :dagger:

Hello, Its 13th day of my fiverr account,On the first day i have made my gigs. I have received 3 orders so far but all was in response of buyers request and no one have awarded any order by just noticing any gig.

This :arrow_up: strategy (“sharing your link all social site”) neither “improve your gig” nor makes it “appear in first page in search”. :woozy_face:

Like ahmwritingco already mentioned, no one really knows how the ranking algorithm works. Perhaps improving your gig and employing a clever marketing strategy (which is not the same as mindlessly spamming your gig links on social media) might help you rank your gig higher.

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share a gig and Social media