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"How can i improve my gig to get more impression?"...Please HELP!

I’m new to Fiverr and want to get my first order. I’ve used buyer request to get the first order but, it didn’t work at all. So, can you guys help me out to improve my gig so that I can get my first order.
Please check my gig and reply to me if there is any change I can make in my gig to make it best.

Your gigs to not attractive for buyer
and description is very poor…,
It looks like you yourself didn’t know what people need from your service…,

What people need to provide before making an order?
Delivery files? Avi? MPG? Resolution?
You didn’t explain at all about this…,

there is no 200% guarantee,
and you should explain how guarantee work…, will you refund the money? unlimited revisions?
What happend if buyer still not satisfied after several revisions? etc etc…,

Try to look your competitor, do your homework first

Good luck…,


Hi sir,
Thank you so much for guiding me such an important part of to make impressive gig.
ill work on that to be the best seller.

Thanks again.