How can I improve my Gig to get more orders?


Hello community,

What do you think about my Gig ? And what can I change or add to get more orders ?

Thank you


Share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :+1::100:


You seem to know quite a bit about social media. You’ve told probably over 100 sellers to “never give up” and “use social media.”

Can you give us a concise method on how to use SM to get orders?


Must share you GIG on your social platform like facebook, twitter


There is a lot of good advice here! :grinning:


I never did. And…yeah. Still works for me.


Use Social medias, go twitter and search for people who need your talent, public your gigs on facebook, linkeid, instagram, twitter, etc… MAKE SOME NOISE!!!..

here the rendering job its overcrowned, you need to find something only you can do…

and do another thing, not just a Box, make somehting like a car, or a doll (easy stuff but lovely to see)


Death by a single bad review.

I would start over. You’ve got 15 minutes in the game, and your first review is a bust. You’re allowed to start a new account as long as you close this one first.

Next time, give the buyer so much more than he asked for that he cannot possibly leave anything but 5 stars. If any of your first 10 reviews is a dud again, start over again.

Also, put more artwork up, of your own. I am not believing the tray rendering is really yours (if I’m being honest) because I don’t believe that a supermodel whose picture has appeared hundreds of times on the internet has become an industrial engineer from Morocco selling $5 tray renderings on Fiverr.


Thank you for your advices I really appreciate it.

I didn’t invent the tray that’s obvious and there are many designs on the net. But I assure you that the design and rendering of this one is mine. For the profil picture I think we have the choice to put whatever we want.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


That would require too much work.

The portion of this post that’s highlighted in bold is among the best advice you will ever receive on this forum.

I can shoot myself in the foot if I want… doesn’t make it a good idea.

People generally have a dim view of those who pretend to be something that they are not. In your instance, you are using someone else’s image and passing it off as your own. Potential copyright issues aside, I hope you continue to not receive any orders as long as that’s the case. This may sound harsh, but I and many others have zero tolerance for people who conduct any aspect of their business on Fiverr in a dishonest or otherwise clandestine manner.


Thank you for the advice (Even it was harsh)…I will take this in consideration (Changing my profil picture).
To be more clear : Even I’m putting this picture I never said that it’s mine. If I really want to pretend to be someone or something that I’m not, at least, I will not put a picture of supermodel.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


I have checked your profile. Everyone gave valuable advices here. My advice is add more than 1 gig.


Totally understand, totally true… im not believe it too… me and my GF work here, both of us are 3D designers and animators, and we dont do NOTHING for 5$… i mean, for real, C4D, 3DSMax, Zbrush, etc… all that programs take a lot of time to make a good piece… we can make a Fake render on Ai (in vectors) and its still complicated to sell it on 5$… I MEAN… WHO MAKE A CAR FOR 5$?


you cant sell something you not are…
in my gigs, i put in every time ap picture of me, my brother or my GF… you need to be alwas honest on your work… and i think you are not, maybe you are just a reseller :confused: (its just my opinionn)


I personally could care less what picture you put on your gig, but I can tell you a real solid reason to reconsider the photo you do have.
As human beings we judge everything the moment we see it, that’s not fantasy that’s fact. That judgement is then projected on to you. So, the very first point of contact with a potential customer(your photo) is a LIE. So what do you think they will be projecting about you. I will leave that one with you to think about.


Thank you but I already change my picture