How can I improve my gig to increase my selling


I would like to get more sales on this gig. I think it looks pretty good and also my english is
not to bad (I think so). can you please take a look at my gig and give me some tips to gain more customers. Or maybe there is something wrong with my gig.!


Hello simonfei,
if you want to increase your selling then you should to send your buyer request daily and promote your gig on social media.
and also you should to update your gig and keyword related your business and gig.
we assure you will be increase your selling.

best of luck sir
best regards,


Against the ToS. 20chars


is google adword allow on Fiverr? i know Fiverr will ban any google adword marketing


how i send buyer request ?


go to your profile --> go to selling tab --> click on buyer request --> send them requests as per your gigs


always i get this


I looked at ‘buyer requests’ last week (shudder!) and as a ‘new seller’ i couldn’t see anything either. After a while 1 request did pop up. (I did have gigs up BTW, but only visit BR for the experience!)

I think it depends which category etc. your gigs are in, but it seems as if they’re messing around with it again.

It does seem really unfair that new users are always being given the advice to make sure they post their 10 buyer requests every day etc. but when they visit BR there’s actually nothing much, if anything, available to post offers to.


go to buyer selling option and you find buyer request option and send related your request as your gig related


@prithvisg has posted a screenshot which shows he can’t actually see any buyer requests.

@marianne_123 How can he send offers if he can’t see them to reply to? (Or am I stating the obvious again? :wink: )


Thats good But i think its costly.


There are many way to improve gig. I can give you a link. That is very effective!


hey thanks for your tips. I already promoted my gigs on social media and I drive paid traffic to my gigs with bing ads. My gigs are also seo optimized. but It’s hard to increase my selling. Is it allowed to drive traffic from google ads?


No - using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your gigs is against the ToS.


The main reason is that you’re offering marketing gigs yet you only have 2 reviews since 2015.
If I was interested in this service then I would hire someone who has a decent number of reviews.


ok, so what do you think should I delete my fiverr account and create a new one? thx for your help.


You don’t have to delete it if you can bring in outside volume to get more reviews.
Another option is to add more value to your gigs. You can’t compete with pricing because your gigs are already at $5 price range. You don’t have any proof that your service actually works because you don’t have enough reviews.

So, offer something that others don’t or figure out a way to actually show that your service works. Maybe you don’t have enough reviews on this site, but would anyone be willing to do a video testimonial that you can add to your gig? Maybe a bigger company with hard numbers showing your value? (Forget about fake testimonials, it’s rather easy to figure those out :wink: )


I don’t know how many time people have to tell you and flag your posts, but adwords isn’t allowed here. Great tips if you want to get banned.


great thanks a lot for your help really appreciate it.