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How can I improve my gig? Your advices will be very appreciated

Hi everyone.
I’m sure this place is full of smart people and high-level professionals. So, your thoughts and your look at my gigs are very valuable for me.

I work in music, and would like to get more chances to help people with their creativity. In this gig I propose making sheet music of the songs. Unfortunately, my gig doesn’t appear in search result ((((
What would you advise to improve? Text consists necessary keywords and I have no idea what is the problem.

Here is my gig:

Thank you for your time and suggestions! Very appreciate!


Hey there! Honestly, your gig is actually well-done from a written perspective, if a little list-y, rather than a storytelling format. I will say from a visual perspective, if your main image is you, it’s a little…stern, I suppose? You look like a fifth grade teacher that just caught one of his students cheating on a test. :slight_smile:

Also, “records” in your main gig picture text is…it’s not the right word, exactly. I think you mean “recordings.” In America, “records” as a noun refers to the flat black circles you put on turntables to play music, or a group of data files - it also works as a past-tense verb for the act of recording, but it doesn’t fit well here.


Thank you very much. Very helpful!

@theviolinman Use appropriate keyword. It will help about 90% increase sell

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@sweet2 Thank you my friend.
The only problem - I use all appropriate keywords already. You can check my gig - there are all possible requests of my service and combinations. :man_shrugging:

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Yes fully appreciate with you.