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How can i improve my gig,

it has been almost a month and i still have not gotten by first order yet, i need some ideas on how to improve gig


My suggestion:

Gig: I will do data entry, web research, web scraping, capy and paste
In the gig title:
“capy and paste” could be “copy and paste”

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Brother I think your Gig image is not professional. You should change it

sure, thank you for the suggestion, what do you think i should do, in order to make it more professional

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You should view other successful sellers Gig in your categories and take idea from them. Don’t copy someone Gig images :+1:

Hi there,
Focus on making effective gig titles, and professional gig description. Your Gig description must be the perfect reflection of your skills and experiences. It should be grammatical errors free and add an engaging image.

thank you very much for the advice, I will implement it right away.