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How can I improve my gig?.?.?.?

How can I improve my gig??
Please, everyone, suggest me

This Is my new gig:


Start once with your horrible communication.

One punctuation mark is enough.
A hello doesn’t hurt either.


" I am available 20 hrs. Per day and I can assure you about our excellent quality communication."

So, you sleep 4 hours a day? Very impressive.


If you are available 20 hours a day, why does your gig image say 24/7 service? Do you mean you’re working on their orders 24/7 but only available to answer their questions 20 hours a day?

Also maybe reword “What is stationery design include?”.


“Logo in a transparent file (PNG) is a version without any background. It’s easy to use the transparent file on any surface. So PNG File is very impotent for you.”

That’s just what I needed, an impotent file. Sick of having those pesky files that start reproducing themselves all over the place and filling my hard drive.


All you have to do is share social media and be active in fiverr forum

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False, and false. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


Experts social media

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Would delete those Fiverr Logo in your Gig Pictures…

Just sayin.

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Well seo and social sharing

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I love it!

I don’t know anyone else here who can service clients 20 hours per day.

That must mean you are a monster at design.

I also love that you’ll send not one, but FOUR designs for inspection for just $5.

That means that after Fiverr gets their cut, you’ve made $1 per design.

How long did it take you to make them? I hope you didn’t take 20-hours because at a buck each, you are losing much more than a good night’s sleep.

But, hey…what do I know?

I’m not a logo designer.

Maybe you’ve unlocked the secrets to success none of us thought of.

I wonder if you are awake now. You know, if this is one of the 20 hours you are providing service.

I’m waiting.


Its a good question .
Try to set a good title in your gig.
set some best tags
set your own video in your gig
set a good description.
I hope its all will help you to rank your gig , and will get order soon.
Best of luck !