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How Can I Improve My Gig?

Hey Fiverr,

I have an intro gig that currently has gotten 2.1k+ impressions in the last week, but its only gotten 2 sales. Everything about the gig seems to be in order, but I’m a newbie so I’m sure there’s something I could change to increase my sales.

Any advice I can get is highly appreciated!

Link to gig (please remove link if this isn’t allowed):


Your gigs look pretty good to me, including the one you linked. (The link is allowed in this category as a reference or in My Fiverr Gigs as an ad.) Granted, I am no expert in the areas that you sell in.

The one thing I would suggest is to consider a different profile picture. I don’t know if yours is a stock photo or just as a stock appearance, but in general buyers tend to be a little more open to new sellers if they feel like they get an idea of who they are working with.

You could try taking a nice personal photo of yourself. Buyers seem more cautious with stock appearances or with photos showing someone very unkempt. A nice unique logo can work too, especially when you’ve gained quite a few reviews, but when you are new photos seem to do the best.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll look into a new profile picture here shortly.

When judging your gig performance pay attention to the various metrics: Impressions - Views - Clicks - Orders.

If you are getting a lot of impressions but not many clicks, changing your gig title and picture would work. Your title is great, I love it! However, the gig picture doesn’t spark much interest (personally).

I understand that for $5 and within 24 hours there is no time for a very modern and complex intro, but it would be a good idea to add that option to the gig extras if you can create those – you can then use those modern intros as the gig picture, representing what you can do in the best way!