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How can I improve my gig? :)

Hi guys :slight_smile:

A few years ago (2/3 years ago now) I used to sell, and I was happy with the sales I had :stuck_out_tongue: I had many gigs, some were quite basic, and only 1 of my gigs actually had more than a sale xD it took me around 3/4 days to get my first sale on that gig…

Anyway, back to the point, I have decided to come back and recreate the gig (I had deleted them before :frowning: ) but now, I still didn’t have any sales for more than a week, and only 5 clicks in last 4 days :frowning: What do you guys think I can do to improve it? I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile: i realize most of you guys have been here way longer than me so… :smiley:

Any help? :slight_smile:

Bump… :confused:

How To Bump My Gig on Fiverr
Is There any way i can bump??

no or else everyone will be doing that lol

:stuck_out_tongue: need some help here guys xD

If you’ve only had the gig up a few days I think you just need more patience for one thing. It takes a while to show up in search, plus you might need to bid on some buyer requests to get rolling again. Some social media gigs don’t ever end up in search now. You’ll probably need more than one gig to help drive traffic to your profile anyway.

Hmm I see… I only have 1 gig currently active, and now I think it’s been here for almost a month… Still only 16 clicks :o 300 impressions tho… Maybe I need to improve my title to make it more attract able? I’ll start with that… And I’ll think of other gig ideas then :stuck_out_tongue: thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for the advise…

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Or do some research, you lazy… person.

I think it may just not be a valuabel enough ad. The problem with placing a video on your youtube channel, is that you say nothing about what kind of channel it is. And most people shopping around to find lacs for their advertising and marketing materials/videos, want to know your demographics and who your target market of readers are.

ALso, 383 subscribers in 6 or 7 years isn’t so imporessiv

Thanks I also need some info , how can I get more sales,plz

What? XD lel Ye before I made a website and had many guides and stuff on the site, then made a gig related to those stuff… Now I stopped, I didn’t create a new account cos of the rating… :confused: and who you calling lazy? :x :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye… I haven’t touched the account in like 2 years, and before that I barely did any too… It was only in the very beginning, and I was wondering if I could make something with the subs… Ye I know not impressive but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks tho, when I find some time I’ll make sure to add my specific niches… :slight_smile:

I’ll think of something tho… Well I’ll try xD thx for your reply :3

Generally the issue is that your keyword relevance is confusing.

Think of it if someone was searching,

Noone’s going to search “upload your video”.

Try to find people in your similar market on Fiverr and get a better idea of their kinds of keyword focus, but not to the point of copying them but to get a better idea of what exactly is bringing sales in to them. It’s also not super clear per-say in the title that it’s a marketing service unless someone specifically finds your gig.

I also find more gigs of your similar nature in the Digital Marketing->Social Media Marketing category, so that might be a suggestion as well.

Things like. “Youtube marketing” “video marketing” “video exposure” things like that. You have to think of it how someone would search for you in Fiverr and break it down that way. Do comparison of other services, try specific sets of keywords and see what works best for you. Even as you get orders ask “how did you find me?” and better refine your gig that way.

Hmm… Good idea :wink: I get your point… Thanks, I will try and use better keywords :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I really found your tips helpful :slight_smile: