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How can I improve my gigs and get buyers?

Anybody has any suggestions or ideas for improving my gigs? Feel free to drop them down the comments!


same problem here, how long have you been on fiverr?

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I’ve been here for a few months, 4 maybe?
How about you?

Share your gig on social media platform and send buyer request daily.

  1. Gig Seo friendly
  2. Social media marketing
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It is hard to pick up work as competition is fierce.

There are reasons that I would use your service but also a few I would not. Those are personal as in different people will feel differently, but for me, I worry that you are not “dedicated” enough

  • When you say things like what gear you use. Now that is funny from me because I am very anti-gear obsession (as a Mix Engineer & Musician) but the moment you mentioned that you use MS Paint with a mouse (instead of a tablet) part of me went, shouldn’t have said that as now I think you are not serious. There are a few other similar things in your gig & Profile that make you seem less than clear & definite about what you do (and don’t do).

  • I find your sample images unclear. The ghost images make what it is about less clear. of course I have no idea what a “reference sheet” is but a good Gig should help answer that - esp to someone like me.

  • Saying “I could add” is either poor English or just confusing. I am not sure which. As is indicating that you might do translation work even tho you are probably not great at it. If there are Extras they will show in the Gig options so let that be clear there and not setting false expectations.

I want to feel that you are dedicated and passionate. All up, I end up with an increasing feeling that you don’t fully commit to the work. Probably you don’t fully believe in yourself. I know that is an artist thing - I live with it - but you can’t show that as part of your sales pitch.

Be bold, you have nothing to lose and maybe everything to gain. If you have places where you can get your art used on something like album or book covers, or birthday cards for Rord Of The Lings tragics… then you can prove that your work is desirable.



please check out my gig, any improvements to be made?

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You are totally wrong,

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Try to stay online most of the day
Share your gig most of the Social Media platforms and groups.
Your title needs to SEO
Try to connect at the Fiverr Forum minimum of 12 hours a day.
Best of luck to you.

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Palash :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Sitting on forum will not gain you orders, but knowledge and information.
Shares on social media, you mean facebook fiverr groups will do opossite.

How can you tell them to do those things, if u have only 2 orders completed in 6 month. Both of them from one buyer.


Thank you for even writing such long message :heart:

This all might be true, buuut ALL my artworks are done with Microsoft paint xD I love my mouse–

Oh, I will check my description on that gig, I thought I included what you got.

The last part, no that’s true, I am not great at it but I could do easier translation and for all I know there are people worse then me, I’ll change that for now and add it again when I’ve gotten more experience from another site.

Again thank you~

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I can, but where are they? I went to your profile and couldn’t find the link to your fiverr xD

hello its there, i dont know if i am allowed to share my link with you.

You missed that I didn’t have a care what you used - nose goblins and :poop: for all I care.

But you see you raised it and that made me think about it. Do you care what microphone Robbie Williams uses? No and nor should you. Robbie probably doesn’t care much either, so long as it is working.

My point is that while people talk about gear, it is not the gear that the buyer is really after, they are after you, your mind, your skill. Keep them focused on that to separate from every other fool who advertises their brand of pen instead of their skill.

I try to avoid working with people who obsess over what gear I use. Analog Compressors, Waves, UAD… Most of the people who talk about that do really poor work. I use what I know I can get the right result with.



Okay, thank you again <3

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