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How can I improve my gigs and get more orders as a writer?


I’m a writer and proofreader who had recently joined Fiverr.

So far I’ve gotten only one order for writing a book. None of my other gigs have gotten ordered yet.
I’ve sent out many buyer’s requests but none of them got a response. Am I doing something wrong

My goal is to earn at least $50 by the end of this month. Is it even possible with writing and editing? How can I improve my gigs?

Any kind of tips or advice would be highly appreciated.

this is the link to my account:


It’s definitely possible.

Your gig descriptions are all so short and don’t indicate much about the service that people will be getting, or your qualifications.

Also, your profile picture looks kind of stock image-y, so I’d recommend changing that.

  1. Use a picture of yourself, or, at least, don’t use a picture of a person who isn’t you (in this case, a Canadian actress).

  2. Write longer gig descriptions.

  3. 10,000 words for $10 is not a reasonable price; potential buyers who see that are likely to think that you can’t possibly offer quality, and/or that whatever you send will be plagiarized.


Thanks for the advice!

I don’t really have any presentable picture of myself and anything else I used wouldn’t get accepted.

I’ll try working on my gig descriptions.

What price would you recommend I use though? Most of the advice I’ve read suggests you use the lowest possible rater to attract buyers since there’s so much competition


Thanks for the advice!

Can you give me some advice on what I could use to fluff up my gig descriptions?


Using a picture of someone else is can be seen as dishonest, and in many cases, it’s a copyright violation, too; a picture of a celebrity is like a red flag for any experienced buyer.

You’ll also find advice that you should use a picture of a pretty female celebrity to increase your sales even though you’re a man; it doesn’t make that advice good.

Only you know how much your writing is worth. Check out how much your competitors (the ones who are actually making sales) are charging.

You offer writing services, but don’t know how to write a description that would attract buyers?


Well, I’m new in the freelancing business so I’m not really well versed on how to market myself. And I have taken your advice and removed the profile picture.


Hi! Write kids stories… Kids poems, Kids songs… That’s a good way! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Your prices are really low. Sometimes starting out with low prices can get you your first few buyers, but it looks that tactic isn’t working in your case. I know that when I’m shopping on Fiverr, VERY low prices makes me think VERY low quality. That probably isn’t the case here. Your gigs descriptions are well-written with no glaring errors. I would say bring your prices up to at least $10 per 1k words.


Noted! Thanks for the advice


I thought for the first couple of months that Fiverr wasn’t going to generate any work for me. It was really inactive. Then I got a first order, and another, and so on.

I studied the Fiverr resources, worked on my gig descriptions to make them more clear, adjusted my prices, and the orders kept coming in.

You’ve received some really great advice, that will help you immensely to establish your credibility.

Take heart - it’s just slow at first, but that will change! :slight_smile:


Interesting gigs you have. Did you start with a lower price? Do you promote your gigs outside of Fiverr?

I want to increase my prices to reflect the quality of work I believe I could deliver but since I am just starting out, I think I have to set it low to get some orders.

Thanks Victor! Actually, I started on Fiverr doing voiceovers. Then I shifted to script writing and my other gigs. Yes, I did start at lower prices. I kept the prices competitive with similar gigs until I got some positive reviews. I gradually raised my prices as the reviews came in.

I did a lot of research to see what the price lines were on gigs that were similar to mine. I discovered that if I went beyond the price line - if my prices got higher than those similar gigs - my orders slowed down. I check my gig category regularly, to keep current on prices.

I do promote my gigs daily on Twitter, but I have a large following, so that really helps.


thanks @jenihiggs gor that advice

Think to be a professional, Not 50$ end of the month possible to earn $ 5,000. Work hard and Honesty.

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