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How can I improve my gigs - feedback please
Here are links to my gigs. I would really appreciate if someone could review them and give me some feedback
:slight_smile: .

Your gig title is to long
search a best keywords
select relative category and sub category
You did not provide proper description about work almost all of your description is about you
hopefully it will give you

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I am agree with @asifjalil , also try to add a good looking gig image.
Your gig description is not clear , write a clear gig description. stay online as many as possible.

M Alam

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The title “I will diligent data entry work with all type of data at low price”

I’m not sure if it should say “…with all types of data” instead.
If you keep “at low price” (or change it to “at a low price”) that might restrict how you can adjust the price later.

The “I will diligent data entry work…” bit could be changed to “I will diligently do data entry work…”

Though even if the gig title was changed the URL will stay the same.

Gig Description
It says “Greetings to all byuers regarding this gig!”. “byuers” should be “buyers”.

It says “Here you can easily allow yourself to someone else do your easiest and probably the most boring part of any work.”
That could be reworded. eg. “Here you can easily allow someone else to do the easiest and probably the most boring part of any work.” but I think changing the whole sentence might be better. I’m also not sure it should say it’s “boring” in case it sounds like it could be boring for you to do, not just for the buyer to do.

It says “therefore you can count on analytical mindest, detail orientation, self-motivation, proactivity, excellent time management.”. “mindest” should be “mindset”. I’m not sure if there should be an “an” after “you can count on”.

It says “…please do not hesitate to contact me through any of the listed mediums.”. It might be simpler to say “…please do not hesitate to contact me”, since they should see a “Contact Seller” button on the same page.

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Thank you for extensive feedback, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my description.
I will change thid for sure :slight_smile:

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Proofread. Your English is poor throughout.

If you are going to say you are detail-oriented, you need to be detail oriented in your own gig and work.

I thought it was a good category and subcategory?
As for everything else, I’ll change the description, it is definitely bad. :smiley:

I must agree with you. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention throughout writing. :frowning:

sorry, it was a mistake

what’s wrong with the picture? :slight_smile: