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How can I improve my gigs in this situation?

I’ve created my five gigs three months ago. One day ago I get work from a buyer and also get 5 stars in my gig. My friend said to me that now I have a chance to get more work in Fiverr. In this situation should I have to delete old gigs and create new for ranking?

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, or why you think you should you delete your gigs. Could you elaborate, please?

My gigs impressions, views and clicks are down. If I delete old(which has no review) and create new gigs than Is it good for ranking of my gig ?

Unless your gigs are competing with each other, they have 0 affect on each other. If they are competing, then they are affecting each other negatively, as you are competing against yourself.

Please see for a bit more consideration:

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Thanks for your information.