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How can i improve my gigs on first page

Can anyone please give me suggestion how can my gigs come under first page of search.


You need create good gigs. Good title/description/tags.

Top quality work, delivered on time, that earns positive reviews.

Yes, I need a tips for that also.

Tweak your title with your primary keyword, use the main keyword 3-4 times in the description and also use that same keyword in tags.

Create eye catching thumbnails for your gig also compare your gig with other top gig and you’ll find many things you need to changes.

check your gig by searching your keywords niche and check your gig on first page or not. or if you want position on first page then you work hard to get more orders then your gig will rank up

make your gig title interesting. And strong your porfolio.

Professional looking profile. and be sincere. No fraud.No fake things.:slightly_smiling_face: