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How can i improve my Gigs performance


I am new to fiverr, I do article writing and i am extremely good at it. How can i improve my Gig


Personally most of my sales comes from buyers request. And creating awareness through social media will also boost sales, though I’d not tried that myself but certainly believe it does.


I haven’t received any order from buyer request. I guess it is the way i approach the buyers that is not good enough. What are those things that would make a buyer opt for your Gig when you make them an offer on buyers request?


1: The Gig Description is Short !
2 :add A Gig video .


I guess so… I’m into graphic design niche, while sending request I emphases more on providing a sample before placing an order in the request sent; who wouldn’t want a sample before an order! There’s something I do to motivate me more while providing sample, I would ask for their commitment and readiness to place order once satisfied before proceeding to provide sample and that’s after checking the profile not someone from asian country (not discrinamting but my personal experience had thought me lot of lessons providing samples as regard to their request).


Thanks fikayor, i really love what you shared… i hope i get to that stage soon.


Buyer Requests is place to start , even though your gig’s description and SEO is perfect , you also need positive reviews for your gigs to rank higher. But if you don’t a lot of reviews . You should make use of buyer requests. Look at other sellers in your niche, make a good offer, be precise and tell them the costs and estimate delivery time.


Please add Video or Creative Banner on your gig :slight_smile:


thanks dear… i will do that ASAP


It requires commitment before you can make a sale because it’s your commitment that enable you to try new trick(s)

I joined fiverr 6 month ago and took me time before I could made a sales
so I tried posting my gigs to social media groups such as; facebook group, twitter etc. And the result is amazing, I think the best is to continue in doing that every day if possible for me, you too can try it.

Posting a request is also good but you one needs to be very careful I tried this method thrice but it got my three gigs denied by fiverr so I had to delete them.

So my conclusion is that I prefer promoting gig on social medias than posting a request.


This is nice, you really captured some key issues.