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How can i improve my gig's rating from 4.9(or lower)-5.0

this is my first post in fiverr forum. So i am a wordpress expert and have been selling my services for a few months now. i have a gig which has a total of 15 reviews. A total of 13 reviews are 5 stars with excellent reviews. I have had only two 4 stars so far but my rating is not going back to 5 stars.

Also , what will happen if i get another 4 stars?

please explain how i can improve my gig ratings , my fiverr bretherin :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Short answer: Math.
Longer answer: Your rate is calculated based on an average of all the ratings you’ve gotten, of ALL the ratings, 5-star and below. To find out how many more 5-star reviews you will need to raise your average, you’ll need to do the math.

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It is really simple math that should not be problem for technical guy.

Your total rating will drop to 4.8 if your next review will be 4 star.

Your total rating will raise to 5.0 if your next 19 reviews will be 5 star only.

thank you all for the guidance. really appreciate your help :slight_smile: