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How can i improve my gigs to get orders,yet not getting orders?

help me i will be very thankful to gig is related to social book marking


-send buyer request as more as you can.
-Share on social media.


Share your gig everyday in social media


the most effective social media that help you get orders is twitter


This post will help you.


Yes, whenever I see significance decrease in the orders and gig views. I start sending quotes in buyer requests, it always help me.


i do all the things like i also share my gig on social media and send also a buyer requests.but the main think open daily and use daily your account and give some offers which other seller not give them modify your gigs and make them some attractive look. give your time maximum 8 hours.follow these steps you will receive order soon.


Hello, please what do you mean by sending quotes in buyer requests? I am new too and your reply will be highly appreciated.


How to send buyer request, could you please advice.



Go to the homepage. Click Selling > Buyer Requests.

You can then apply for different jobs available in your field. If you see an ad you like, click “Send Offer” and sell yourself to the buyer.


I am receiving few buyer requests, I don’t know what is the reason?


how to share on social media?

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Today I’m sharing some powerful tips to improve your sales for the next level.

Please keep reading…

I’m not very active on fiverr, because I run my agency and doing very busy work with my team. But these tips will strongly help you to improve your gigs and sales in any industry ( I am a sales person).

So, the question was, “How can I improve my gigs to get more orders?”

I separate the tips in 2 part

  1. Internal 2. External

You have to improve yourself internal and external in order to increase your business on fiverr or any other platforms though. Internal is everything you’re doing inside of fiverr which is very important and external is you have many things to continue in your daily routine that actually not internal in fiverr, but thats might help you to generate more sales and grow you as a real professional.


  • Respect fiverr rules
  • Be polite when you communicate to your buyers
    *Be very active and respond buyers as quick as you can
    *Send buyer request daily but dont send too many. Only send the request when your skill matches perfectly to the job. And describe the proposal how you can help them. Dont mention too much who you are rather you should discuss about buyers problems. Means, when you writing a proposal, focus on the buyers problem, and explain them how you can solve their problems.
    *Make your gigs attractive and fresh. Use short title,clean and colorful images,detail description,Add frequently ask and questions.
    *When you deliver the orders, make sure your buyer understand everything that you delivered. And you have to always ready to answer all of their questions. That might help you to bring more 5stars. Means more 5 stars,more active order and more business.
  1. External:
  • Promote yourself but do not spam. Means, stop sharing fiverr gigs on the social media,comment boxes,peoples inbox or any other ways that you are already doing and thinking its a marketing.
    *Setup your social channels,blogs,youtube or at least one content marketing platform with your exact name and picture that you’re using in fiverr.
    *Start talking about those topics that you’re selling in fiverr. If you’re professional then you know whats the problems people facing in that industry right? So, provide them valuable information and solve the real problems.
    *When you’re solving real problems in your industry, then people ultimately will follow you and ask you many questions. A question you get means a new opportunity you win. Make another content by focusing their questions. Now you will see people strongly following you and more people coming day by day, possibilities some of them will ask you to work for them.
    *When someone ask you to work for them, then just send your fiverr gig to them.
    *So, dont seek money. Seek the problems and solve it with your content and help people. Then you dont have to worried about orders.

If you follow these tips atleast one month, I’m sure you guys will thank me later.

Happy Freelancing

Regards —

Abd Raaz


What does this mean? What if the buyer request is irrelevat to us?


Can you please check my gig and tell me where did I make a mistake. I am not getting sufficient orders from few months.

Hello Everyone,

I am not getting any order on fiverr , please help me and also guide what i am doing wrong

Here is my gig link :

Please Help me


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You can click on “More” on the navigation bar. You will see the first option “Buyer Requests.” I’m new to Fiverr but I’ve tried it. Believe me, it’s useful.


There are tones of Buyer Request send on a daily basis. You just pick the one that is relevant to your skills and you have confidence you can do perfectly.

You many end up being luck and receive a message from a client about the Offer you sent.


how to send buyer request