How can i improve my gigs to get orders,yet not getting orders?


help me i will be very thankful to gig is related to social book marking


-send buyer request as more as you can.
-Share on social media.


Share your gig everyday in social media


the most effective social media that help you get orders is twitter


This post will help you.


Yes, whenever I see significance decrease in the orders and gig views. I start sending quotes in buyer requests, it always help me.


i do all the things like i also share my gig on social media and send also a buyer requests.but the main think open daily and use daily your account and give some offers which other seller not give them modify your gigs and make them some attractive look. give your time maximum 8 hours.follow these steps you will receive order soon.


Hello, please what do you mean by sending quotes in buyer requests? I am new too and your reply will be highly appreciated.


How to send buyer request, could you please advice.



Go to the homepage. Click Selling > Buyer Requests.

You can then apply for different jobs available in your field. If you see an ad you like, click “Send Offer” and sell yourself to the buyer.


I am receiving few buyer requests, I don’t know what is the reason?


how to share on social media?