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How can i improve my gigs ?!?


Being new in the platform I would like some advice on how I can improve my gigs :pray:

I leave the link to see my profile (

Any kind of advice and criticism would be very useful for me!! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi, I’m new as well and as far as I understood by Fiverr’s TOS we should avoid using copyrighted material. I see on one of your gig covers Leonardo DiCaprio. I think that violates TOS and you may get penalized for that. Not sure but this is what I think…

well , share your gig in social media and send buyer request.
Best of Luck:)

well , share your gigs in facebook,twitter, pinterest and youtube. Also use forums like fiverr and other one is Qoura. this will help you to increase the views and clicks.

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