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How can I improve my graphics gig?

I have a gig that’s going well for me, and I want to continue to grow this gig.
I’ve updated the description today (I hadn’t much since I first put it up)
I’m wondering what do you think? I’m always looking to improve and I’m up for feedback and suggestions.
Thank you!

Hi there! Happy to hear your Gig is working out! :slight_smile:

I would showcase some more different graphics in the portfolio, maybe by starting to deliver some different varieties of graphics. I feel it’s all the same graphic only with different photo or text. Maybe if you have some different layouts for your buyers and get them in the portfolio it would be more varied.

Other than that, I like your gig and work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
That’s a good idea! I see how to buyers, it could look the same.
Thank you for your feedback and compliments. Happy Sunday. :grinning: