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How can i improve my new gig?

Hey Friends,
Can anyone please review my latest gig on social media designing where i tried my maximum to get it a professional look for it,Also if you have any ideas that can be used to improve the gig.It will be helpful to not only me but the whole fiverr family.Hoping your feedbacks!?


I speak subject to correction, but I am confident “fastly” is not a word.

I also must admit (and I am no dullard) that it was not made immediately clear to me what it is that you’re selling.

Your Gig’s English and presentation need to be improved considerably. You can hire someone right here on Fiverr to do this for you.

Sir, Now I have made some changes.How is it looking now?

  1. It’s “social media” (Re: “I will design a image quote post for using on social medias”).
  2. The two inverted commas for the photo of the aforementioned Gig aren’t forming a proper quote.
  3. Why would you highlight and bold your entire description? That’s in essence the same as none of it being highlighted and in bold. The description itself has improved from the previous iteration though.
  4. “I will design catchy YouTube thumbnail” and “I will create professional thumbnail in 24 hours” are about the same service.

than you for the advice.Sir!