How can I improve my photo quotes Gig?


Hey there!
I recently found about Fiverr, and I think it’s great.
I opened an account and made a Gig;
15/30/50 photo quotes for $5/$10/$20. I think they are quality, I tried offering this to a bunch of people, trying to be as kind as possible, explaining what I can do, giving them some “bonuses”, but I didn’t get a single sell.
What am I doing wrong?

P.S. This is my Gig:


Hello thereyour
Here’s my honest opinion. I am fairly new, and been researching sales/buys. Your gig is offering “too” much. Try offering three images at best. Focus on the “quality & content”. Just because its $5 does not mean they will buy. Can you really deliver 45 images, commercial use? You can’t use the web. You have to buy them, like Fotolia, Getty images, ect.

Second, it took me a long time to understand the description. You are selling a “quote +image”? To Who, whats your target audience?

Third, don’t offer. People dislike salesman. if you display good work, people will come.

You said you wanna be creative? Take a Cool picture of yourself, make your profile more assertive, less kiddy, view top “Sellers”. I think you like advertising, Google NYC biLlboards! Hope this helps.


Wow, thanks a lot for the answer! I really didn’t know any of that. I will change it.

Also, I use royalty-free photos.

And I sell photos(images) with quotes on them :slight_smile:

I’ll change it to 5 photos for $5 for now, that seems fair to me.

Once again, thanks for the answer! :smiley:



I changed a lot of things now, can anyone check it now and see if it’s any better? Thanks!


Bump again.
Can anyone read my last reply?


Good morning Marin101,
Sure man no problem, I guess we are all here to learn and help each other.
I just read your description: Says 5 images for $5. But the bottom it says 10 images for $5?
Again confusing.

Keep it simple. Now add the dimensions of the final product. You “should” be specific. Also you mention logo?
Why? or Maybe you wanna implement the logo in there somewhere?

Here’s an example, try something like this: I will produce inspirational & descriptive photo quotes for your business or website! Commercial use & fast turn around.

Hope this helps. Keep things simple, oh and your profile says “You wanna be creative”, well tell the world you “are creative”. Fly with that. Best of luck buddy.


Thanks a lot once again!
Will do as said.