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How can i improve my profile and get order?

Hello.I am on fiverr since 65 days.But i am not getting any order :sob: :sob:.My impression is good but there are no clicks on gig.Everyday i send 10 buyer request.Try to active almost 15 hours.Please suggest me what can i do.This is my profile You :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. More Research, More Improve. Everyday research others gig, try to understand what’s unique in their gig so its make attractive then pick up the point. So you can understand the tricks. Happy Freelancing. Thank You.


Thanks for your advice

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create fully responsive amazing wordpress website
In the gig description:
“After Sells Services” could be “After Sales Service”
It says “Read FAQ please!” but this gig doesn’t have an FAQ section

Gig: I will convert psd to html or wordpress responsive website
In the FAQ section:
“Do the web pages will be respoonsive?” could be “Will the web pages be responsive?” in question 1.
“of any special requirements if may you have.” could be “of any special requirements you may have.” in answer 2.

Gig: I will create ecommerce website design and redesign
In the gig description:
“Why Chose me?” could be “Why choose me?”
It says “unlimited revisions” but none of the packages have the number of revisions value set to “unlimited”.

In the main gig image it says “Gurrenty” instead of “Guarantee”.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion.I will try to solve this mistake.

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