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How can I improve order cancellations %

Hello fiverr forum, I have complete 8 order in a gig unfortunately my 9th order Canceled. ‍Now showing in my gig 25% Cancellations. Please let me know how can I improve it.



Get new jobs and complete then well.

There is no other solution.

Part of what you can do is to work out how and why that Gig got a point where it cancelled. How did you you allow that event to happen? It is not about blame - as someone wrongly suggested - but about finding holes in your process so you can block or otherwise learn to manage them.


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You need to complete another order.
100 order in 1 month → 1 cancel, then you will have 99% completion rate.

It means that you only have 4 completed order in 30 day periode, so 1 cancel means 25% reduction rate.

Nothing you can do beside try to complete order as much as you can…,

Best of luck…,

Thank you so much for your Valuable comments

This too much. But I will try my best for that

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Don’t be upset. Try to Best. Best of Luck.

Thank you so much for your Valuable comments I will try to get more order.

Yes I will try my best for get to more order

I agree with your comment