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How can I improve this gig so buyer order

I have been working heard for few month but it seems to me just try everything but there is no outcome. I barely got 2 buyer response at the beginning. I deliver the task but they do not give me any review. Now I just applying buyer request and try to improve my gigs perhaps some expert can help me with something.

hire is my latest gig


To be honest, if you want to be more successful on Fiverr, and have more buyers trust you enough to place orders, you’re going to have to improve your English.

And you’re also going to have to stop using images stolen from the internet – that you are claiming as your own. You did NOT create those images featured on your gig. I found them elsewhere on the internet… they are NOT your work.

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:bulb: Your gig will require some serious proofreading/rewrite. The tone sounds demanding and just blah. What’s up with the usage of …? Put a little more effort into your description.


Also, yelling in your profile description is a turn-off! :smirk:
Get rid of the all-caps.


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Thanks for your advice. I expect someone who is a graphic designer are you know any one?
I will create my original mascot work very soon I am currently working on it. I Try my best to improve my English every time.

Those are image file I create vector from those Image. purpose was to show buyer that I can design same mascot vector from any Image such as JPG, JPEG and PNG image.

Thanks for your valuable advice. I correct my mistakes according to your advice. Can you tell me how I describe my skills to the buyer so that buyer believe me and give a order.


Everything takes times and so does Fiverr. Be patient and do your best while promoting your gigs over social media platforms.
Apart, make sure you sound professional and to the point while describing your services.


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I do some research and I find top rated profiles are also use some of image that are copied from internet but they are highly rated by the buyer and most of them are delivered their last service (average) 5 hour ago

You can see their profile and put your expert opinion. I am collecting some information which are recent and latest. Because market are change in every second so I try to make a study to understand 2018th marketplace (on fiverr) for graphic designers who are new.

dont give up the only time you fail when you give up learn how to send buyers request watch videos read forums there is answer for every question

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If you work done then force to buyer to give review many buyers are very busy to do this and if no review then your will not rank up on fiverr search engine


agree :slight_smile: :+1:

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You can’t force buyers to give reviews. I understand it’s important for new sellers, but harassing buyers to give reviews will most likely result in a bad review, and that’s even worse than no review.

I think it’s okay to remind them, but “forcing” them will accomplish nothing.


Its depend on seller work if seller work is good then client will give 5 star review and i think 4.5 or 4.7 star review is also fine

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Your original comment said “force buyer”, which doesn’t really carry the same implication. If you can do good work and earn good reviews, of course that’s fine.

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What exactly are you “expecting” graphic designers to do?

Those are NOT original logos, and you did NOT create them. Featuring someone else’s work in your gigs, and pretending you have designed them is copyright infringement. If you design logos, show your own ORIGINAL work, not logos created by someone else.

You could get in serious trouble for stealing logos that you did not design.

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I am still hang on. When I find my 1st order I surly send you a message.

Actually I find many buyer request where buyer need to re design their logo most of the numbers are mascot. SO I think this might help me to get buyer who wants re design or looking for vector of their design.

Though you are an expert I will obey your advice and remove those image and put my own work.

I expect graphic designer because they have better understand my works and also they can help me some of their experiences to handle a buyer. I find few message from buyer for give them a sample of a task that they give me. I read fiverr rules. So I straightly say no and I don’t get the order from them. SO I think if there is any experience graphic designer who can help me.

lets see what happens I send this message for 2nd time hope buyer don’t give bad review
i told them to give me a review once but they never reply and now order is complete 4 days pass

Thousands of other sellers already offer this service here on Fiverr. What makes you stand out? Why should someone purchase those services from you, instead of those thousands of other sellers?

Competition is fierce here on Fiverr. How are you planning to overcome that competition?

It’s not a matter of “obeying” me. I’m not commanding you to do anything.

But yes, removing those images, and ONLY featuring your own original work in a logo-design gig is a good idea. By removing those stolen images, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

I think you need professional marketing help. Perhaps you can hire a marketer here on Fiverr. Your designer competitors, however, are not going to help you be successful. They are your competitors. They are building their own design businesses. You are offering YOUR design skills, not the design skills of other designers.

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i am totally agree with you and i also think same way that you said. So i fell afraid to said so

i am a student of marketing myself but i never use my marketing policies. you really give me a subject to think about. Alright then I just take a break and after that come back with a brand new plan and design till than good bye.
thank you. jonbass

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