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How can i in crease my gig impressions?


My gig impressions are low but there some clicks and views.What should i do?


Sent buyer request and share your gig in social media


You cannot increase your gig impressions. Impressions are registered when a buyer searches for gigs using the search tags and keywords you have chosen, or loads the category page your gig is located on.

BUYERS increase your impressions. You have absolutely NO CONTROL over that stat.


Thanks for your great advice.


Thanks for your subjection.


English does not appear to be a language of which you have strong knowledge. The word “subjection”, means: “the action of subjecting a country or person to one’s control or the fact of being subjected.” I see no possible way in which my response above applies to the word “subjection”.


Sorry it`s typing mistake which should be ’ suggestion '.Thanks.


Impression will increase by itself you have no control over it so please not for asking how to increase impressions ask how to make your gigi attractive.


Thanks a lot brother